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About Texas Herb Center (THC)

THC was founded by Robert S. Marks, MD, a respected dual-board certified anesthesiologist and pain management specialist in Austin, Texas.

Since performing medical cannabis research during pain management fellowship training in 2012, Dr. Marks has given countless lectures on the safety and effectiveness of cannabis-based products. He has been interviewed and cited on multiple news outlets, and he has testified before the Texas House and Senate during every legislative session since the introduction of the Texas Compassionate Use Program.  He also maintains a Cannabis Care Certification through the Americans for Safe Access Foundation.

As a go-to expert, he has consulted on developing and implementing the state’s medical cannabis program. Currently, Dr. Marks sits on the medical advisory board for Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation, one of only two active medical cannabis dispensaries in Texas.

As a proponent of the science behind cannabis-based medicine, Dr. Marks started Texas Herb Center for two primary reasons. Patients need access to high-quality, safe, and pure CBD products. In order to optimize the health benefits and mitigate the drawbacks of the impurities and misrepresentations found in stores. They should not get you “high” but should provide significant health benefits. In addition to access, Texas Herb Center strives to provide a professional outlet for patient education so that cannabis-based medicine can achieve normalcy as a medicine.

It’s time to look past the stigma and focus on our well-being.

Texas Herb Center products are tested in labs to achieve or exceed the highest standards of both purity and legality. The amount of THC in our products is minimal and passes the legal requirements of both state and federal regulations.

If you wish to read Dr. Marks’ perspective on medical cannabis, click here to read the BLUNT TRUTH.

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